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Carpenter Ants

AntsMany species of these ants are native to North America, with several species seemingly the most likely to invade structural wood members. We have several common species in the upper Midwest that are encountered in homes. The usual habitat of a colony of carpenter ants is within wood, often wood partially buried in the soil. If you think you may have a carpenter ant problem and would like an on-site inspection, contact us. We offer a free, on-site evaluation of the problem and estimate for treatment.

Pavement Ants

Pavement AntsThe common name of these ants is derived from their habit of creating nests under asphalt or concrete slabs, pushing small mounds of soil out through cracks and expansion joints. The nests are usually very shallow, and may also be found under debris or objects on the ground, as well as within structures near heat sources in the winter. Pavement Ants can easily be controlled by routine outside applications. Call for a free estimate.

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