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Bug Busters provides advanced pest-control solutions for the residential and business customers located in the Greater Metro area around Minneapolis. Our business maintains an office in each state, and each office is uniquely equipped to handle the specific needs of the local customers. For example, our pest-control services in this area target the types of pests that are most common in and around Austin, MN.



Ants can appear during any time of the year in Austin. They may enter your home or business for a variety of reasons, which will depend on the weather. For example, ants may enter the home in the hot months of summer in search of shelter from the sun as well as sources of water. In the winter, they also seek relief from the harsh cold and freezing temperatures.

Ants can invade the home or businesses through tiny cracks and crevices that are difficult to perceive with the human eye. Once they are inside of your property, they may send a scout to look for food, water and other materials for the colony. If they are not eliminated right away, these ants can invade your property in large numbers. They contaminate your food supply and decrease your peace of mind.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects, Centipedes, Millipedes


Centipedes and millipedes are both moisture-dwelling insects, which require them to seek out moist and humid areas to build their colonies. The risk of centipedes to humans is significant because they are capable of biting into human flesh, and they may leave marks behind. They feed on smaller bugs and insects, which are normally found outdoors. However, if these conditions exist inside of your home, you may discover a centipede infestation.

Millipedes also invade buildings when they have a need to find food and water. They prefer cool and dark areas to hide, and they are able to produce a type of toxin that can burn into the skin of human flesh as a defense mechanism. However, they are less likely to use this attacking capability on human beings than centipedes.



There are many different species of rodents found in the areas in and around Austin. They often leave trails of urine and feces in the home, which can contaminate food supplies and spread diseases.

The most common types of rodents are mice and rats, but this category also includes squirrels, groundhogs, moles and other mammals. These outdoor rodents are attracted to exposed garbage, so you should always keep airtight lids on your trash cans.

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Our company uses the best practices in this industry to take care of a variety of insects and rodents found around Austin. Our experts are equipped with the latest technologies available to deal with these infestations. We can provide you with the types of services necessary to get rid of infestations during the early season when they are laying eggs. We can answer any questions you may have about our solutions. Simply contact Bug Busters for all of your pest control issues.

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Posted on th October, 2021


Posted on th October, 2021

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