Bald-Faced Hornets: Extremely Aggressive Insects that Need Special Handling to Control


Have you checked your home lately? How about around your backyard? If not, make sure to check it right away in case you need to get rid of any hornet nests. For professional help, contact Environmental Pest Management.

Bees, wasps, hornets, or any other types of insects that sting are genuinely frightening. It would be more dangerous if you have children at home. Hundreds of families around the globe consider these nests of insects as a threat.

One such particular insect that is quite ferocious is the Bald-Faced Hornets. They are known to be such aggressive ones, and their sting is excruciating. Several families have reported that their homes have nests of these hornets and that that they multiply fast and are territorial.

But before anything else, what are Bald-Faced Hornets? These hornets may be new to you. So let us dig deeper and have a closer look at them.

Bald-Faced Hornet

Bald-faced hornet sting is similar to that of a hypodermic needle that connects to a sack containing potent toxin venom. These hornets can give you painful stings repeatedly. Since they tend to be aggressive when their nest is in danger, it makes it necessary to ensure you will follow a proper procedure on how to get rid of a bald-faced hornet nest.

Since these hornets are truly dangerous, families now intend to eradicate these pests from their homes entirely. However, even the removal of these nests is pretty hazardous. That is why we need to have prior knowledge about these insects, specifically on how to remove them or if possible, ask professional help.

It may be true that bald-faced hornets have a poor temper when their nests are disturbed, They are usually not an issue when you see them away from the nest. In reality, bald-faced hornets are beneficial insects. They kill other tiny insects like flies and others, and the young eat them.

Hornets build their nests usually in trees. They become almost invisible when they are in trees. Most people do not even know that it is there until the leaves fall during the autumn. Hornets do not reuse an old nest and begin each year with a new nest.


Getting Rid of Bald-Faced Hornets

Let’s get down to business. How to get rid of these hornets?

It’s time to understand how to get rid of them as we don’t want to suffer pain, caused by their stings, just like a young girl who was casually strolling around their backyard then found a nest of hornets at an old wooden chair and kicked it. A swarm of hornets chased her and she received painful stings.

You don’t want to experience it, do you? Removal of the nests of bald-faced hornets becomes necessary when the nest is already close enough to your house that they become a threat to you or your family. They will build nests in hedges, on the sides of houses, attics, and even the whole part of sturdy patio furniture.

Best Time to Remove Nests

It is recommended to remove a bald-faced hornet’s nest during the early days of spring when the nest is not yet entirely constructed or finished, and the bald-faced hornet queen is the only threat. There will be an estimate of 400 worker hornets in the nest during the months of summer, and nest removal can cost you a few hundred stings.

You have to keep in mind that these hornets are colonial by nature, and they have a hierarchy. Hornets have smooth strings that can help to sting repeatedly. If you think they are quite near to your home already, then it is best to remove their nest immediately, or you call a Environmental Pest Management to do the job as an active colony can be hazardous.


Removing Outdoor Nests

You can easily find the nest anytime during the day but removing it must be done only during the night. It is best to use the technique of Subdued illumination, and you can make use of red cellophane paper on the flashlight used for lighting. Bald-faced hornets cannot see red so you can easily catch them that way.

Thick protective clothing must be worn to avoid the angry stings of these creatures. Aerosol sprays are recommended against bald-faced hornets as it helps to knock them down quickly. Foaming agents can also be used as it expands the pesticide inside the nest, which traps the hornets inside.

Removing Indoor Nests

Whenever you notice a bald-faced hornet queen flying in the house, it shows that she is opting to construct a nest inside your home. This situation needs help, and we should make it our priority.

We may use hornet traps that can catch the queen, only if she is all by herself, and then you can let her out into the wild. Vacuum removal is the best way, but it needs to be done by a professional because using pesticides and insecticides inside your house is not recommended.

How to Treat a Sting

If you get stung by a bald-faced hornet, would you know if you had an allergic reaction?

According to WebMD, treating hornet stings depends on their severity. Most insect stings for those who are not allergic need no more than first aid given at home. If you have allergic stings with no allergic symptoms, you need to clean and apply antibiotic ointment on the affected area.

For someone who experienced a severe allergic reaction, it is best to seek immediate medical help. Steroids and Antihistamine will be given for fast relief.


After Removing Nests

The procedure of removing the nests of bald-faced hornets must be done for three consecutive days before bringing the nest down. In this way, we can kill all hornets living inside the nest. The den has to be taken down, put in a separate garbage bag and should be disposed of carefully.

According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, you can never avoid having nests of Bald-Faced Hornets in our homes. Though known for their aggressive behavior and painful stings, they still have a role in our environment and keep our ecosystem alive. Said above were helpful tips but only got rid of them when it is necessary.

If you think the situation is beyond your care, it is better to call for professional help rather than risking your safety and your family. Reach out to Environmental Pest Management for help with getting rid of these hornets. Always keep safe and keep an eye for these insects.

6 Replies to “Bald-Faced Hornets: Extremely Aggressive Insects that Need Special Handling to Control”

  1. Hello!

    I believe I have a bald faced hornet nest hanging from the eaves of my back porch.
    I live in New England, and I haven’t seen any of the hornets for a few weeks now.
    I’d like to save the nest: can I safely take it down now, since we’re approaching November?
    Would there be any hornets still alive inside the nest?

    1. I would consult with a local professional. We don’t service that area, unfortunately.

  2. Dear Ester,

    Yesterday, I had my first encounter with the bald face hornet. When the description of a bald face hornet sting is described as having your hand shut in a door.. It’s accurate.
    I have over 20 plus bites that happened during the course of two minutes tops. Today I’m in my own special hell, and I look like a monster. The pain does not come to full strength for 48 hours after the sting. Aside from pain, the bites now itch. My Doc said I won’t feel better for 5 days. Too long.

    In short: please call a professional. I understand wanting to save the nest. If it makes you feel better, these wasps EAT Honey Bees. They will have no problem eating you.
    This is not a yellow jacket. This is a mean mean wasp. I have bites all over my body. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It hurts. A lot. Please, do not try an deal with these wasps alone.

    I was out on my porch hanging laundry and disturbed a nest by vibration . The wasps are especially aggressive, and tuned into sound. They are extremely territorial and even if it’s your house, the wasps own it. They will not see you as a kind woman relocating the nest. They will see you as lunch, and as an invader of THEIR space. The WILL swarm you.

    Best of luck to you. The Bold Face Wasp bite/ sting is crazy painful. Please, avoid
    getting stung if you can.

  3. I was attacked by Bald Face Hornets, 18 plus stings.. one bite went into cellulitis.. to rounds of steroids and antibiotics.. now I am getting phantom pains.. just a second of a sting feeling but then disappears.. has anyone else suffered from phantom pain??

  4. I went out today and found a bald faced hornet’s nest destroyed from the top down. I live in upstate N.Y. An hour west of Albany. I was wondering what would have destroyed it.

  5. I have a very huge bald-faced hornets about 20 feet off the ground in a tree in my front yard it is about the size of a basketball list as been in tree for a while I just recently discovered it with the temperature being cold here in December is it safe to remove the nest and get rid of it I’m not never been bothered by these Hornets in at least two or three years the nest has been hanging but there’s only the first time

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