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If you live in Blaine, you have probably seen several types of pests. Since the Minneapolis metro area is so populated and water is plentiful, it is a prime habitat for many types of pests. Unfortunately, their dwelling places are usually in your home or yard. These are some of the common pests in Blaine.



There are many different types of ants in the area. Carpenter ants are problematic because they chew through wood to make their colonies. They can destroy trees, eaves and other sources of damp wood.

Fire ants may sting when provoked. If they get into your home, they can be a painful nuisance. Some people have severe enough allergic reactions to the stings that they require emergency medical attention. Other types of ants such as black ants and odorous house ants can contaminate your food. They often leave behind excrement. For businesses, these ants can repulse customers and cause them to leave negative reviews online. This is especially true for restaurants and businesses that sell foods.

Moisture-Dwelling Pests


Centipedes and millipedes are two of the worst moisture-dwelling pests in the area. Millipedes resemble worms and have tiny legs. They are usually gray or black in color. Centipedes are larger and may be tan to reddish-brown in color. Their legs are longer and more pronounced. Although millipedes do not bite, they have a defensive spray that contains acid. This will burn your skin.

Millipedes can climb walls and enter your home through cracks in the foundation. Centipedes will bite, and some are poisonous. Their bites are painful and can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. These pests prefer dark places such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms when they enter your home.



Rats and mice are common indoor rodents. The main danger with rats is listeria, which they can spread with their urine. Deer mice are known to carry the potentially fatal hantavirus in their droppings. Both types of pests urinate and drop feces. They may ruin furniture, carpeting and even bedding.

Rats often find their way into HVAC ducts, and the spores from their urine and excrement are then circulated throughout your home. They also chew food containers and contaminate the contents. Common outdoor rodents include raccoons and possums. You see them under porches, in garages and near garbage cans. Both types of pests can be aggressive and will bite if provoked. They are known carriers of rabies.

If you see any of these pests in your home or business in Blaine, please contact us immediately. We use the latest and most effective methods for removing pest infestations and preventing future problems. Bug Busters has been a trusted name in the Minneapolis metro area for many years. As part of Environmental Pest Management, we take pests and the safety of your family or customers seriously. Our services are prompt, affordable and effective. Call us today for a free quote .

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Posted on th October, 2021


Posted on th October, 2021

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