How to Clean Your New Home to Prevent Bugs

When you purchase a new home, it is one of the most exciting and exhilarating times you will ever experience. Whether it is your first time since buying a house or your fifth, it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement.  Unfortunately, as with any significant life transition, you will be forced to take the good with a measure of bad. Just because a home is new to

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Summer Travel Plans? How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Summer is almost here! Even though this summer might not be a completely normal one, people will be traveling. Summer travel and bed bugs are an all-too-common concern. If you have plans that will take you away from the warmth and safety of your bed and into an unknown (and potentially infested) bed, don’t fear. We have tips to ensure your trip is safe. The last thing you want to

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Warm Weather and Termites… How to Protect Your Home

Termites and warm weather are probably not the first two things you think of when someone says the word “summer.” Warm weather might spring to mind, sure; but since when do they go hand-in-glove with termites?  Environmental Pest Management can help you deal with any burgeoning termite problems your home may experience this summer. Termites and Warm Weather: What’s the Connection? You may be wondering why warm weather brings out

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What is Commercial Pest Management?

When most people think of pest management, they think of houses or apartments where people live. However, bugs don’t stick to just homes. Pests take refuge anywhere they can find. Hence, commercial pest management. Commercial pest management is just what it sounds like: pest control for businesses. If you are a business owner and don’t have a pest control company, you need one. Maybe you already have one, but are

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Most Common Summer Bugs

With apologies to Don Henley, forget about the boys of summer. When the temperatures go up and the days get longer, it’s all about summer bugs. Contact Environmental Pest Management if you find your home overrun with pests instead of barbecue guests during the hotter months. More time outside in beautiful weather means you’re more likely to encounter creepy crawlers and irritating insects. If you want to spend time enjoying

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TAP spray foam

What is TAP Insulation and Why You Want It

Insulation is one of the most fundamentally important parts of your home. It serves many different purposes, including lowering your energy bill and keeping your house comfortable. Since insulation is so important, why not go above and beyond? If your insulation could give you even more benefits than usual, then that is an easy choice for you as a homeowner. TAP insulation will give these improvements and then some. This

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Preparing Your Home for the Warmer Weather

The shift from winter to spring brings many changes to the world around you. Temperatures rise, and flowers bloom—a time for new beginnings. Spring is a time for exploration and renewal. It’s important to realize that you won’t be the only one eager to get around and adventure! One thing to be aware of when transitioning into the new season is the critters that like to come out as well.

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A Message to our Customers About Coronavirus

Please know that the well-being of our customers and employees is our foremost concern and we are fully committed to ensuring your safety as we monitor the quickly changing information on coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, we are continuing to provide all of our services as scheduled. If you have questions or concerns, or wish to reschedule your service appointment, please do not hesitate to call us at 952-432-2221. You may

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Why It’s Essential To Deal With Ticks Before You See One

Birds are chirping, flowers are flourishing, and the days are sparkling with the sun. Spring is almost here! Spring lets us enjoy the outdoors and all that it has to offer. With the increase in temperature and sunshine, you aren’t the only one that wants to get out and relish in it. Many animals and bugs also look forward to exploring the warmth. One of these creatures that love crawling

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Dealing with Mosquitoes Before They Bite

When the weather is warm, we all love spending time outdoors. What’s better than an afternoon barbecue with friends and family? The only thing that can ruin this idyllic scene would be everyone’s least favorite uninvited guests- mosquitoes.  If you are facing an unwanted horde of mosquitoes, contact Environmental Pest Management. We have the tools and expertise to squash your bug issues before they become big problems.  What do Mosquitoes

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Cockroaches, the Seemingly Invincible Pest

When it comes to the creepy-crawlies, none is quite so creepy or crawly as the cockroach. The mere mention of the word roach causes even the stoutest among us to get the chills. Anyone who has ever dealt with a cockroach infestation only has one question on the mind- “How do I get rid of these roaches?” Environmental Pest Management is here for all your pest questions and removal needs.

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Common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) with tongue out,

Garter Snakes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you live in North America, the chances are that you have seen a Garter snake at some point in your life. Garter snakes are some of the most common varieties of snakes.  Garter snakes are harmless. In fact, many people keep them as pets. Let’s talk a bit more about this fascinating animal. At Environmental Pest Management, we respect and care for all aspects of nature. We understand that

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Bed Bugs, an Unwanted Bedmate

We have only one word to describe bed bugs- pests. The bed bug, or Cimex lectularius, feed on blood. Its bites are itchy and irritating.  These annoying pests are considered a public health risk by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control, and the United States Department of Agriculture.  If you are worried about bed bugs, the best thing to do is to learn more about them. We

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The deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) north American native rodent, often called the North American deermouse

How to Deal with Deer Mice

Mice are the most common mammal in the United States. They are literally everywhere. Chances are, you have lived with and around mice your whole life, and you simply haven’t noticed.  Many homeowners have had to deal with a mice infestation at some point. One of the most common mice in the US is the deer mouse.  If you are a Twin Cities resident and you suspect you have a

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Roly Poly Pill Bugs: What You Need to Know

We all remember when we were kids, and we would play with those cute little roly-poly bugs. It was so much fun to watch them roll up into those adorable little balls. As an adult and a homeowner, those roly-poly pillbugs are not nearly as cute, especially when they come into your home uninvited.  If you are dealing with an infestation of unwanted pillbugs in your home, yard, or garden,

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Portrait of domestic mouse

Calling Cinderella: Dealing with House Mice

When it comes to unwanted guests, it is pretty safe to assume that mice are amongst those who are definitely not invited! House mice can cause havoc in your house, and need the expert touch of a pest control professional to ensure that they are evicted – and stay out. If you think you have a problem with furry friends, give our Environmental Pest Management team a call today, and

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What You Need to Know About the Norway Rat

When most people think of rats, they often think of garbage and disease. In our modern-day of medicine and technology, rats pose significantly less of a threat to humans. Still, they are not an animal you want to share your house with. The Norway Rat can be found all over the world. Believed to have originated in Asia, the Norway rat most likely stowed away on ships departing from Asia

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Cheeky grey squirrel portrait

Squirrel! What To Do When Gray Squirrels Get Too Close

Gray Squirrels may look cute and fluffy, but that doesn’t mean you want them living in your home. If you are facing a gray squirrel epidemic, contact Environmental Pest Management today. Get your free quote and let us get rid of your pests.  You may be wondering what type of squirrel you have as unintentional houseguests. One of the culprits is the gray squirrel. Squirrels in your home are no

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Common Vole (Microtus arvalis)

What Are Voles? Everything You Need To Know

If you love gardening, chances are you love Mother Nature. As lovers of Mother Nature, we know that there is a place for all of her creatures. As gardeners, we hope that place is anywhere but our gardens.  Voles, small rodents, also known as meadow mice, are small and cute. Unfortunately, they can be quite damaging to your garden and yard.  Here at Environmental Pest Management, we employ a capture

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Curious red squirrel peeking behind the tree trunk

Hide Your Acorns! Red Squirrel Facts

Red squirrels may seem cute, but they are not something you necessarily want around. You may have seen these furry little friends running along your fence or hopping through the trees. If you have seen a few too many, you have options. If you are experiencing a red squirrel infestation, turn to the professionals at Environmental Pest Management. We are committed to the safe and humane removal of all pests. 

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millipede up close

What You Need to Know About Creepy, Crawly Millipedes

Do you know the difference between millipedes and centipedes? While they are in the same family, several small but significant points differentiate these two common pests. For today, we are going to focus on millipedes and everything you should know about them to avoid an infestation. If you are currently experiencing issues with a millipede infestation, contact the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Environmental Pest Management for your free quote.

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web on wild meadow, closeup view

8 Legs and Lots of Fear: Spider 101

Spiders have a bad reputation. So many people are afraid of them, that fear of spiders has its own name; Arachnophobia.  Here at Environmental Pest Management, we want to show you why spiders are essential. While they might be a little scary, spiders play an indispensable role in their environments and, beyond that, they are simply fascinating. If you have any bug questions or concerns, contact us for a free

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many centipedes on wooden background

Too Many Legs to Count: What You Need to Know About Centipedes

If you have seen creepy, crawly pests with too many legs to count scurrying around your home, you might have centipedes. These bugs can be frightening and are often a cause for worry. If you have centipedes, or any pests, in your home, call Environmental Pest Management. We have the experience you need to take care of any pests in your home. What are Centipedes? House centipedes are known to

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The bee pollinates the lavender flowers. Plant decay with insects

How to Get Rid of Bees

The sound of bees buzzing might make you think of delicious honey and flourishing gardens. If the buzzing is coming from inside your home, though, your thoughts may turn to panic. You may quickly start thinking about how to get rid of bees. While these industrious little creatures are a huge benefit to the ecosystem and so much more, having them in your house is an unwelcome situation. Bees are

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Common Wasp

Wasp 101 and the Difference Between Wasps and Hornets

Even though we love our pollinators, we want them to stay outside where they belong. Pollinators often take the form of stinging insects, and some of them can set up shop in our houses if we’re not careful. In this article, we’ll learn a little bit about wasps. We’ll also showcase the differences between hornets vs. wasps, as well as how you can prevent them from becoming pests in or

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Japanese Beetle eating raspberry leaves

Japanese Beetles and What You Need to Know

You have likely seen these annoying pests, whether or not you knew the name. These flying beetles with green bodies and brown wings seem to invade when the weather gets warm, and plants are blooming. But what do you do if you see these insects destroying your plants and eating everything in your garden? Before buying Japanese beetle traps, speak with a pro. Environmental Pest Management is here to help

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2 chipmunks eating

Chipmunks: Cute as a Button but Destructive

While widely popularized as adorable creatures in popular culture, chipmunks can be a terrible problem once they infest your home. Chipmunks are still considered rodents, classified as a type of squirrel, being the smallest among the family. These tiny mammals are identified with their furry bodies, their fluffy tails, and their black, white, and brown stripes on the back. Cute as these critters may seem, their unwanted presence in your

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Don’t Kick the Hornets Nest: What to do With These Flying Pests

With all the “buzz” about pollinators, you may wonder how to allow stinging bugs like hornets to play their role in our healthy environment while keeping a safe distance. Yes, we want them to do their jobs in nature, but not too close to our houses and yards. Environment Pest Management can help you keep your home secure from hornets and hornet nests with our comprehensive control service and several

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Yellowjacket Hard at Work

Yellow Jackets Are Not Your Friends

They may look like bees, but these black and yellow predators are much meaner than their honey-producing doppelgangers. You wouldn’t want to run into a pack of these pesky predators! If a colony of yellow jackets is plaguing you, contact Environmental Pest Management for a free quote. Environmental Pest Management uses only environmentally friendly products to rid you of bothersome pests and insects in a flash! You may be asking

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All About Wolf Spiders

Seeing a wolf spider inside your house is terrifying. This unique-looking creature is beneficial to the environment, though that doesn’t mean you want them as a roommate. You likely want to make sure you protect your home from the invasion of this pest. Here at Environmental Pest Management, we help you solve your problem and get rid of pests, especially wolf spiders, all around your house. Visit our website or

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Indian mealmoth or Indianmeal moth Plodia interpunctella of a pyraloid moth in wax of the family Pyralidae is common pest of stored products and pest of food in homes

Indian Meal Moths: Pantry Pests that Live a Long Time

The Indian Meal Moth is a hearty little pest that loves to feast on the grains in your pantry. Today, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to evict these bugs and keep them from coming back. If you’ve got an enormous infestation of Indian Meal Moths or any other bug that’s fighting for control in your home, it’s time to call in the professionals at Environmental

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Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps: How to Prevent Them from Nesting on Our Homes

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from looking at certain animals — a puppy, a fawn with its mother, sea otters? Well, wasps are a completely different story. Wasps generally elicit fear and panic. Seeing wasps in or around your home can leave you afraid to walk around freely, not to mention if you have little children that wander around everywhere. The last thing you want is

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Springtails: Tiny Bugs that Scare People and are Tough to Control

Have you heard of springtails? If so, do you know their physical appearance? Well, these are the insects you should put on the list if you are looking for an exterminator. You might have seen them, but it’s just that you didn’t recognize them. No worries though, we will talk on how to kill springtails in this article. But before we skin the cat, if you are suspecting springtails to

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Bald-Faced Hornets: Extremely Aggressive Insects that Need Special Handling to Control

Have you checked your home lately? How about around your backyard? If not, make sure to check it right away in case you need to get rid of any hornet nests. For professional help, contact Environmental Pest Management. Bees, wasps, hornets, or any other types of insects that sting are genuinely frightening. It would be more dangerous if you have children at home. Hundreds of families around the globe consider these

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Help! Why Are There So Many Flies In My House?

Flies are the worst. Ew! We detest flies. They hang out on garbage; they breed and lay eggs on dead animals, they ruin picnics and force us to buy fancy covers to keep away the “yuck” factor on outdoor meals. We here at Environmental Pest Management are here to attack your fly infestation with a few professional tips you can use on your own, as well as when to give us a

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Ant With Sugar Cube

Carpenter Ants: Wood Destroying Insects and Stealthy Home Invaders

No matter how much you love nature and the great outdoors, no one wants to invite nature’s critters into their home. While appreciating all creatures big and small is a fun way to enjoy life, watching them trek through your home or even destroying it can be frustrating. If you’re concerned about pests inside your home, you may be wondering how to tell if you have carpenter ants. Carpenter ants

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Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats: How to Know if You Have a Bat Problem

Bats are Pretty Cool, as Long as They’re Not Living in Your House Rent-Free Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats play a significant role in our ecosystem here in Minnesota. They eat an excessive amount of insects and often serve as pollinators to some species of plants. Bats also serve as a vital food source for other predators. Because of their roosting patterns in large numbers, they are an

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Controlling Pests Without Ruining Your Garden

Nothing is more frustrating than painstakingly planting a garden of colorful growing things, and then watching your hard work get eaten and destroyed by insects or wild animals. Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to prevent pests from bugging your plants without ruining your garden. Many of the solutions can be made using ingredients you might already have around the house. At Environmental Pest Management, we take a common sense

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Everything You Need to Know About Larder Beetles

If you have ever gone into your kitchen and opened your pantry, or larder, and seen small brownish-black beetles having a picnic, you know what it’s like to have larder beetles in your house. You probably weren’t thrilled about it. At Environmental Pest Management, our job is to keep your home pest-free. Whether we’re helping to evict unwanted guests or prevent them from arriving in the first place, you can

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Everything You Need to Know About Roly-Poly Bugs

As the weather begins to get warmer, bugs start to come out of hiding. The warm weather is the perfect time for them to start breeding, which makes even more bugs. If you’ve been working in your yard, garage, or basement and have discovered a pile of creepy-crawlies reminiscent of the bug-slurping scene in “The Lion King,” then you probably have stumbled upon a family of pill bugs, and they

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How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

Ants. Everyone knows that sinking feeling when you see a lone scout scurrying across your counters or in the corner of a room. You know that where there is one, there are surely more to follow. When you see those little black ants in your home, you might wonder how to get rid of ants in the house. There are many tricks you can try, but there is always a

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits as a Natural Pesticide

It seems that whether the weather is warm or cool, there is always a reason for bugs and spiders to be trying to get into your house. No matter the season, pests find your home hospitable and want to take up residence. If you have bugs bugging you, there are some natural solutions to keep bugs out and your family and pets safe. At Environmental Pest Management, natural pest control

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Bug Spry

Pesticide Safety in the Home

Whether natural or chemical, most households have pesticides on hand, especially in the months more prone to bugs and critters swarming around your home. While pesticides can be crucial to safeguarding your home from unwanted visitors, you need to handle pesticides properly and safely. Knowing how to use pesticides and warning children about the hazards of pest control sprays or other chemicals are of utmost importance. If you’re considering applying

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How to Help Bees

Most of the time, winged bugs are seen as obnoxious, annoying, or even dangerous. They sometimes prevent us from enjoying our yard or house, if they manage to make it inside. However, of all of the bugs that can ruin our day, the honey bee is one to appreciate. You may even be wondering how to help bees since they contribute so much to our lives. Bees pollinate our flower

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Natural Bug Repellents For Bug-Free BBQs

Everyone knows spring weather means it’s time to get outside. When the cold weather finally fades, and spring flowers start popping up, kids and adults alike find themselves outdoors more often. However, the more time you spend outside in the warm weather, the more you will encounter outside pests. Outdoor pest control becomes critical when the mosquitoes and other bugs start biting. At Environmental Pest Management, we focus on keeping

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What Pest Problems Come With The Spring Thaw?

Spring is finally here! While snow is still falling over much of Minnesota, we can see the early signs of spring. Unfortunately, the spring thaw brings a whole host of problems. With the warmer temperatures and moisture, many bugs, such as mosquitos, come out in full force. The thawing ground can also lead to foundation cracks and other problems with your home. Many of these issues create an accessible entrance

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carpenter ants

Should Carpenter Ants Be On Your Radar This Spring?

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, and animals of every sort are having babies after the long winter. This includes the carpenter ants that may have been nesting in your home’s walls all winter or decided to move in this spring. As the weather warms, you may notice swarms of flying ants in your home, especially in your kitchen or bathroom, they are most likely carpenter ants. The flying ants are

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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice this Spring

You head out into the kitchen for a midnight snack, and when you turn on the light, you see the unmistakable scurry of a mouse as it disappears behind your stove. You might even let out the classic squeal of surprise at seeing this tiny home invader. These mice may have been in your home all winter, but now that it’s spring they are getting more active and getting ready

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Proven Ways to Treat a Centipede Infestation

Do you think you might have centipedes in your house? These creepy creatures are continually finding their way into homes. Whether they are searching for food or warmth, your home looks like a desirable and safe place to centipedes and other bugs. If you have seen a house centipede, there’s no need to worry. There are ways to remove them from your home and deter them from coming back. At Environmental

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Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Little pesky ants all over your kitchen and bathroom counters are an unwelcome sight. No one likes to see that ants have found a way into their home and are taking up residence. Ants are not only annoying, but they can also get into your food and be hard to remove. At the first sight of ants, you’ll want to take action. Once ants have scouted your home as a

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Leaf Oil

Natural Home Remedies for Spiders

If you have a spider problem, chances are you checked out last weeks article, “How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home.” If you haven’t, we highly recommend taking a look. We know so many of our clients feel the same way we do about choosing more natural methods of pest management, so this article is for you! Have you ever heard the statistic that there is a spider

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How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

Creepy, crawly, spiders are not something you want to find in your house. Aside from giving you the heebie-jeebies, some spiders may bite. Spiders play a beneficial role in the ecosystem and are upstanding citizens out in nature, but they don’t belong skittering around your home. Like insects and other pests, spiders find their way into your house seeking warmth. While these creepy arachnids are merely looking for a comfortable

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Boxelder Bugs

Stink Bugs or Boxelder Bugs: Is There a Difference?

Dropping temperatures and less daylight in winter keep humans indoors where it’s nice, warm and cozy. Do you know what else likes to hunker down inside for the winter? Insects. In particular, stink and boxelder bugs will seek shelter and forage for food. Your home looks like the best place to find both, so they move in. If you’re concerned you may have boxelder bugs or a stink bug infestation

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Secret Bug Breeding Grounds in Your Home This Winter

Keeping bugs at bay in the winter starts with eliminating breeding grounds inside your home. Environmental Pest Management created your go-to guide to scope out these areas. Bugs can be a nuisance, as well as creepy, crawly, and just plain yucky. While bugs might be fascinating outside, no one wants insects inside their home. These pests aren’t just annoying or gross. They can also cause damage to your home, food

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Got Gnats? How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats are small, mostly harmless, bugs that tend to show up in homes in the mid-winter months. Even though these bugs are not dangerous, they are annoying and unsightly. Our team at Environmental Pest Management has had lots of experience ridding homes of pests and we created an easy guide to these critters and how to get rid of them. If you’re an avid gardener and love your flowers

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Squirrels in Your Home Driving You Nuts This Winter?

You may have been seeing, or even hearing, signs of squirrels in your walls, attic, or basement this winter. Why do these furry little creatures turn in to home invaders in the cold and how do you get rid of them? Environmental Pest Management can help. Can you hear that? That scampering sound! It sounds like it’s coming from the attic! If this is a scene from your own home,

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Sneaky Ways Bugs Get Into Your House This Winter

The cold winter months turn bugs in to master home invaders. We put together a guide to all the ways these pests may creep in to your homes. It’s getting cold outside, which means bugs are trying to get inside. Your house is warm and dry – everything that they can’t find outside. If you already have noticed bugs inside, a professional pest control service like Environmental Pest Management can

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Christmas Tree

Could There Be More Than Presents Underneath Your Christmas Tree?

A real Christmas tree really does bring the holiday spirit in to your home, but what else does it bring? Christmas is here again, which means getting out all of your festive decorations and trimming the tree. The holiday season brings cheer, family time, gifts, and traditions. The one thing you hope it doesn’t bring is unwelcome insects and pests. Bringing the Christmas tree into your home adds a wonderful

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Centipede Free Through the Winter Months

Centipedes swarm in to homes during the winter months looking for warmer places to live. Centipedes, you’ve seen them — their hundreds of legs wiggling as it winds its way along. While they may look like some creature from a science fiction movie, the most common centipede, also known as the “House Centipede,” actually have 30 legs or 15 sets of legs. These creepy-crawly critters find their way into homes

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Winterizing Your Home Against Rodents

Mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels invading your home? As winter approaches, you begin taking the necessary steps to protect your home. Cold weather, rain, and snow can bring several threats to your house and yard. Between freezing hoses and water lines, drafty windows and doors, and protecting against potential flooding, you have a lot to accomplish as winter sets in. Aside from the necessary tasks to protect your home against

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Good Bugs for Your Garden

How can you tell which creepy-crawly critters are going to help your garden or hurt it? Most gardeners think about how to keep bugs away from their vegetables and flowers. But there are bugs that you want in your garden. These “good guy” bugs help control common pests to let your garden thrive. Beneficial bugs are the first line of defense for organic pest control in your garden. An unsuccessful

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Carpenter Ants

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Do You Have Carpenter Ants? Do you think you might have carpenter ants? Do you know what they are and what they do? Why are they so bad? Many people are dealing with carpenter ants and don’t even know it. If you have them, you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants. What are Carpenter Ants? Carpenter ants are often mistaken or confused with termites. Like termites,

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What’s The Best Method of Pest Control for Apartments?

How to Manage Pests for Apartment Building Owners and Tenants Apartment pest control. Sometimes just the term can make some manager shudder. Certain buildings can be challenging places to manage. Larger apartment complexes with multiple structures can make it more difficult, time-consuming, and costly to eradicate pest infestations once the they’ve taken hold. Upkeep and management of apartment pest control is already a big enough job with out having to

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Rats! I have Rats.

Do you have a suspicion unwanted guests are infiltrating your home? Rats and rat infestation is no joke or small matter due to the damage and disease they are known to cause. Continue reading below for information on prevention, how to get rid of rats and contact Environmental Pest Management for expert help and service. Rat Ruin & Devastation Rats are known to cause vasts amounts of damage to your property. They

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Woman Fear

Bed Bugs, Oh No!

As much as we love empowering individuals to resolve their pest problem, if you think you have bed bugs, please, contact Environmental Pest Management. Bed bugs take the cake concerning the nuisance, the difficulty in eradicating, and the levels of anxiety and stress imposed on our clients. How to get rid of bed bugs is very challenging. How Did I get bed bugs? That’s what everyone will want to ask you. The

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How to Get Rid of Moles and Voles

Think you have a pest problem in your yard or garden? You may have moles and voles. These pests can cause some serious outdoor damage and are especially disruptive if you’re particularly proud of your garden. Let’s talk about how to get rid of moles and voles and examine what kind of problems they can cause on your property. We know how to deal with these creatures at Environmental Pest Management.

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What To Do About House Spiders!

Ah, yes, the lovely fall season has arrived. With gorgeous leaves and bonfires and football games and sweaters and…spiders. In all likelihood, regardless of where you live, you are spotting a whole lot of these little critters. Fall is prime time for house spiders to appear seemingly out of nowhere. If you are one of the rare individuals who loves spiders, you may be observing them with curiosity and then

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8 Steps to Bug Proof Your Home for Fall and Winter

How do you prevent common household bugs from entering your home during the fall and winter? As temperatures drop, these nasty little nesters seek warmer hiding spots just like the rest of us do—and the unfortunate bit is that they might want to make your home their home. Common household bugs in Minnesota aren’t merely annoying: they can provide health risks to your family, including your kids and pets. Ready

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How To Get Rid of Hornets and Wasps

How To Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets Here’s the thing about getting rid of hornets and getting rid of wasps: sure you could do-it-yourself. But with so many individuals critically, even fatally, allergic to wasp and hornet stings, why not just contact Environmental Pest Management? We’ll safely locate the hornet or wasp nests and safely control the problem. You’ll never have to experience that terrifying figure-eight buzzing around your head, or

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What to do about Beetles in the House

Home is where the heart is. While this statement rings true, you could also say that home is where you should feel most comfortable. Finding insects, animals, and other critters in your home can leave you feeling just the opposite of comfortable. While you might not have any issues seeing bugs in their natural habitat, finding them in your place of dwelling is not ideal. Finding out what type of

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Boxelder Bugs

Get Rid of Those Boxelder Bugs!

5 Steps for Removal and Ways to Prevent Infestation If you live in the vicinity of boxelder, maple, or ash trees, you have probably encountered a boxelder bug, especially in the early fall. They are a distinctive looking bug, so identification is easy. The boxelder bug is about ½ an inch long, brownish black with red markings along the edges of its wings. They have six legs and two antennae.

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Yikes. You came to this site because you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches. That’s the bad news. Cockroaches are a resilient and prolific pest. But let’s start with the good news. First, you’re going to have an amazing story to tell at cocktail parties. Cockroaches? You’ll say, laughing and swirling your Diet Coke in the glass, where do we start? (Because with a cockroach infestation, you’re

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3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Mice Fast

If you’re reading this article, you probably suspect or have confirmed the presence of mice. Maybe you’ve heard the creepy scratching in the walls just while you’re trying to fall asleep. Or perhaps you’ve come home from a beautiful evening, turned on the light, and seen the scream-inducing dart of black, brown, or gray across the kitchen floor. And then there’s your famous almond-infused muffins for your church group. You

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Step by Step Guide to Bat Removal

Though there are many different types of bat species noted in the United States, it is normally the bat types that live in colonies which are problems to homeowners. Though bats aren’t aggressive, they are considered a challenge when large colonies of them begin to live in buildings and the roofs in peoples’ homes. Their feces, better known as guano, accumulates very quickly and is a perfect place for Histoplasmosis

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6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bees Naturally

Most of us are aware of the important job that bees do for the planet, but having bees around our homes can present a bit of danger since they sting. Then there is the problem of how to get rid of bees and their hives without using toxins. Learning how to get rid of bees can come in quite handy for those who want to get out there and tackle the problem

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Environmental Pest Management

Our company began service on November 10th of 1986 in Rochester Minnesota and today, 10 full routes, service east central Minnesota including the greater 10 county metro area of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.