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A parent spraying their child wit bug spray while doing outdoor activities.

Keep Those Bugs At Bay! How Does Bug Spray Work?

Bugs are part of summer, and so is bug spray. But how does bug spray work, and is it safe? Today you will learn all you need to know about everything bug spray.  Summer is the best time of the year. There’s nothing quite like getting together with your friends and family, basking in the sun, and enjoying your backyard.  There are endless opportunities for day trips, including going to

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An LED bug zapper

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

LED lighting has proven itself to be an energy-saving option to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lightbulb. When it comes to being outdoors, though, do LED lights attract bugs or deter them? Insects are attracted to lights. We see examples of this by looking up at street lamps at night and seeing the swarms around them.  Their attraction to light is based on an instinctual draw that helps them navigate the

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7 Plants that Help to Keep Mosquitos Away

Warmer weather means the start of a lot of annual activities such as landscaping and spring cleaning. Adding some plants that keep mosquitos away is at the top of our list this spring.  Introducing plants into your home and yard that deter mosquitoes is a small and beautiful way to help prevent mosquito activity. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer bug bites, which means a better time had by all.  At Environmental

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A mosquito isolated on a white background.

A Helpful Guide About the Mosquito Lifespan

In the United States, there are 176 species of Mosquitoes. And in Minnesota, you know that summertime is ubiquitously associated with slapping those persistent pests. If you do nothing to eliminate the bugs, just how long is the mosquito lifespan?  If you do not want to find out, then Environmental Pest Management has some options for you. Finding solutions to decrease the summertime bugs is just one of our specialties. 

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How To Get Rid Of June Bugs

Summer’s coming! You know it’s summer when you hear the whack of June Bugs smacking into your sliding glass door. Let’s discuss how to get rid of June Bugs. Are you ready to enjoy the season? If you want to relax this summer, let Environmental Pest Management handle pest control.  We handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor pests in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Contact us today for

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