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Outlines of a flea vs. tick

Pests That Affect Your Pets: Fleas vs. Ticks

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to your animal incessantly scratching? Your dog could be scratching because of a common pet pest. The scratching can be from a pest, but is it a flea vs. a tick bothering your pet? Fleas and ticks are tiny parasitic bugs that can cause people and animals irritation and transmit diseases. Though both fleas and ticks are tiny parasites,

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A black and white Weevil on a white background

12 Common Minnesota Bugs

Though it does not feel like it, our Minnesota winter is coming to an end. As we approach summer, our crawly friends will be coming out to make their presence known.  Or some of us may have some winter visitors holed up in our homes to escape the cold outdoors. It is important to know if your house guest is a friendly flyer or a harmful home invader.  Take a

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A Silverfish bug isolated on a white background

What are Silverfish Bugs?

Out of the corner of your eye, you see something skitter across the floor. You immediately stop what you’re doing to investigate.  Just as you expected, it’s an unwelcome creepy crawler. But what on earth is it? An elongated silver/brown bug that’s very extraterrestrial looking. The Silverfish.  But what are Silverfish bugs?  Silverfish look otherworldly enough to give anyone a small fright. If you find an infestation in your home,

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A portrait of a yellow jacket isolated on a white background

Protect Your Home and Yard From These Stinging Insects

Summertime is a season of sun, vacation, backyard barbecues. Inevitably, it’s also the season of stinging insects.  How can you best prevent those pesky wasps, hornets, and bees from interrupting your party?  Protect your yard and home from unwanted stinging insects, call the experts and connect with Environmental Pest Management for a free quote today. Wasps, hornets, and bees: what’s the difference? Wasps and hornets can be quite an annoyance

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A stink bug on a white background

It Really Stinks! How Do Stink Bugs Get in the House?

What’s that smell? It is the aroma of an unwanted house guest; you guessed it: a stink bug. So, how do stink bugs get in the house? Keep reading to find out how these stinky invaders are finding their way into your home. And, keep them outside with a few of these easy and natural tips.  If you discover an on-going stink bug infestation that natural remedies aren’t solving, contact

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