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Champlin, MN Pest Control

Champlin lies along the Mississippi River and is a quieter suburb of Minneapolis. Residents who like cooler temperatures enjoy the shorter summers and cold winters. The city’s proximity to a major river along with the humid climate create several types of pest problems. These are some common invaders to watch for.

A few of the common pests that we deal with are:



Most of the ants in the state are smaller varieties that are in search of food. If there is not enough to feed on outdoors, ants come into your home in search of crumbs and poorly sealed food containers. These pests contaminate your food supply and may even bite you or your family members. Their bites cause itching and skin irritation. In the summer, fire ants are an outdoor risk.

They may make hills in your yard, and they attack as a colony if you approach. These ants deliver venom when they sting. If you are allergic to it, you may need emergency medical care. Carpenter ants are also common but are larger. Although they feed on nearly anything, these ants chew and destroy trees and eaves to create their homes.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

These pests have been spreading like wildfire across the state. They have distinct flat bodies, which are brown in color. Bed bugs may be slightly elongated or round. Since they are flat, elusive, tiny and can live over a month without blood, they are especially hard to exterminate without professional help.

Although they hide during the day and are more active at night, you may also see them during the day if the infestation is bad. Common signs of bed bugs include a strong musky odor near a mattress or furniture, shed exoskeletons, reddish-brown excrement, blood smears on sheets or smashed carcasses under sheets. If these pests bite you, the bite pattern is usually a straight row of red itchy bumps.



People who are new to the area quickly learn why the mosquito is called the state bird of Minnesota. Summer months mean swarms of these pests. You can minimize risks on your property by eliminating every source of standing water from leaky underground sprinkler heads to birdbaths. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in an area as small as an overturned bottle cap. Use bug spray with 40 percent DEET outdoors, and wear long sleeves after dusk.

Mosquitoes may carry several forms of encephalitis along with West Nile, Zika and Jamestown Canyon viruses. Zika in pregnant women can cause babies to be born with microcephaly, which leads to impaired cognitive development. West Nile produces long-lasting fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Jamestown Canyon virus may lead to meningitis or acute febrile illness.

When you see any of these pests on your property, it is important to seek immediate service. Pest infestations grow out of control quickly and can be costlier to deal with as they worsen. At Bug Busters, our professionals provide prompt and effective service. We help you by eliminating current problems and preventing future infestations. Call us today for a free quote .

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Posted on th October, 2021


Posted on th October, 2021

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