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If you live in or around Coon Rapids, you’re probably familiar with some of the region’s most common pests. Mosquitoes are a nuisance during the summer, not to mention bees, wasps, and ticks. Others, like the ones mentioned below, are active throughout the year and pose more of a threat, especially to your property.

That’s where Bug Busters comes in. We’ve been providing affordable, quality service since 1986, and we’ve virtually seen it all. We can identify the pest that’s wreaking havoc in your home or business, and we can present you with a way to move forward.

Ant Control


You’ll often find Pharaoh ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants in this region. The first is especially a threat to hospitals and other medical facilities because they transmit diseases through their bites. Fire ants create noticeable mounds outside, spread quickly, and are very aggressive.

They bite and sting at the same time, leaving behind red, swollen spots that itch and turn into blisters. Carpenter ants will cause structural damage by burrowing into wood structures like your eaves. Over time, they’ll dispose of wood shavings mixed with their feces, creating an unmistakable pile over the entrance to their colony.

Spider Control


Spiders are mostly harmless and will bite only when provoked, though the threat can be greater when a person has an allergy to their bites. Out of the hundreds of spider species that are in this state, though, only two will put your life in jeopardy: the black widow and the brown recluse.

The former likes to dwell in dark, damp places and normally avoids humans; however, it will bite if you accidentally put your hand out into such places. Bites result in flu-like symptoms and severe muscle aches, among other things. The bite of a brown recluse may not hurt at first, but after several hours it will lead to reddening, blistering, and possibly permanent skin damage.



So long as your property provides food and a warm place to breed, it will be attractive to rats and mice. They can easily burrow from the attic or basement into your kitchen area, chew through cardboard and paper containers, and contaminate everything they come in contact with. They can also carry various diseases.

Besides their urine and feces, you can look for things like gnawed wood and torn-up insulation (they take soft materials for their nests). If you come across a rodent, don’t chase after it, as it will bite when cornered.

Trust Our Experts

Bug Busters is able to use integrated pest management (IPM) methods, which take into account the life cycle of pests and their interaction with their environment. These methods are also eco-friendly. Give us a call today, and we’ll send our team to your location in Coon Rapids. You’ll receive a free estimate once we agree on a treatment.

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Posted on th October, 2021


Posted on th October, 2021

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