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Reliable Pest Control in Hanover, MN

Known for the yearly Hanover Harvest Festival, the small city of Hanover, Minnesota, is home to some 3,000 residents. It’s a great place to live and raise a family in a Norman Rockwell setting that allows everyone to know their neighbor. Residents of Hanover also enjoy four distinct seasons with perfect weather for swimming in the summer and building snowmen in the winter. Unfortunately, each season brings out a variety of nuisance creatures that invade area homes and businesses. Here at Bug Busters, these are just a few of the pests that we’re regularly called upon to eradicate.



While there are many different ants that call Minnesota home, it’s both the carpenter ant and the pavement ant that cause the most problems in the Hanover area. Like termites, carpenter ants are extremely destructive insects. These ants don’t actually eat the wood, but they excavate it as they construct elaborate tunnels throughout the walls of a home and have been known to cause extensive structural damage.

Carpenter ants are also quite large and can deliver a painful bite that often breaks the skin. Those with an infestation of pavement ants may discover a colony of up to 10,000 individuals residing beneath the floors or inside of the walls. All of them will descend on any available food, and they don’t mind stinging humans and domestic pets.



Both mice and rats are a problem in the area, and it doesn’t matter how clean your home or business is. Rodents enter structures in search of food, good nesting areas, and shelter from the elements, and you may experience an infestation of the common house mouse, the deer mouse, the meadow mouse or the Norway rat.

Each of these rodents breeds rapidly, and they’ll chew through any boxes or bags of food that you have. They will also tear up your attic insulation for nesting material and have been known to cause house fires by chewing through electrical wires. A rat infestation can be very dangerous because they are capable of spreading several serious diseases that include rat-bite fever and typhus.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects


Many insects are attracted to the moist areas of your home, so you may discover a bug problem in your basement, the laundry room or in your bathroom. The silverfish is among the most common of these insects, and they’re happy to feast on any shampoos, soaps or cloth towels that they find in your bathroom.

These insects only come out at night, so it’s easy for a large infestation to form before you even realize that these bugs have entered your home. Palmetto bugs are also a big problem in this area, and these insects breed quite rapidly. While they definitely prefer to hang around moist areas, they also like to venture out at night to take advantage of any available food.

Environmentally Safe Pest Control Available

Here at Bug Busters, we’ve been caring for the needs of Hanover residents and business owners since 1986, and we can eliminate these and any other pests that you may be dealing with. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly methods and products that are safe for humans, their domestic pets, and the planet, and you’re welcome to give us a call at 952-314-5767 for a completely free estimate.

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Posted on th October, 2021


Posted on th October, 2021

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