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Living in beautiful Minnesota, no one wants to have to worry about having a pest control issue. Environmental Pest Management provides top quality pest control in Woodbury.

Located just East of the mighty Mississippi River, Woodbury is a breeding ground for many different pests. From insects to rodents, our highly trained team is available to save you from any frustrations that come with pest control.

We deal with a wide variety of pests including:



Though generally speaking spiders are good to have around to minimize the population of harmful insects, problems can arise when they negatively affect humans. Spiders can pose a serious threat to humans. Many different spiders do bite and are poisonous.

The deadliest spiders to humans are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Very few people die from these spiders so it is extremely important for any person who has been bitten by either of these species to seek medical treatment immediately. There are many other types of spiders that do not have the same venom, but all bites are painful and treatment may be required. If you do notice spiders in your home, contact us at Environmental Pest Management.



In Minnesota, we are no strangers to ticks. They can be found year-round but are most prevalent in the summer months. Ticks are parasites which require a host but can survive without a host for up to a year without feeding. In order to lay eggs, a female tick must first have a blood meal. Once she has fed, she will let go of her host and lay thousands of eggs after which she will die. Male ticks also die after reproducing. There are two different established families of ticks, hard ticks, and soft ticks. All can transfer a number of different diseases due to feeding off of both human and animal hosts. For the best results in combating an infestation, contact Environmental Pest Management today.

Regardless of what kind of pest you are dealing with, call us today to handle all of your needs.

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Our company began service on November 10th of 1986 in Rochester Minnesota and today, 10 full routes, service east central Minnesota including the greater 10 county metro area of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

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