Springtails: Tiny Bugs that Scare People and are Tough to Control


Have you heard of springtails? If so, do you know their physical appearance? Well, these are the insects you should put on the list if you are looking for an exterminator.

You might have seen them, but it’s just that you didn’t recognize them. No worries though, we will talk on how to kill springtails in this article.

But before we skin the cat, if you are suspecting springtails to have infested your house, don’t panic. Reach out to Environmental Pest Management which deals with the extermination of bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, rodents springtails, ants, or any other insect that might have turned the stay in your house into a nightmare.


So, what are Springtails?

According to Pennstate College of Agricultural, springtails are insects with segmented bodies with three pairs of legs and piercing-sucking mouthparts.

They are calm, but when disturbed, you startle them to the extreme. They can jump up to 10 cm due to their furcula body structures. That’s why they are called springtails.

Many people don’t put them in the list of insects that they should get rid of. Little do they know the kind of destruction they can cause.

Before we delve deep into more details about these insects, let’s have a look at some of their characteristics.

  • Small-sized bodies that range from 0.3mm to 5mm
  • Springtails don’t cause irritations or bites – their only good part. They have a massive load of downsides, though.
  • Their number shoots high in a short time, and they can thrive to 100,000 per cubic meter.

How are Springtails attracted?

What brings many of the household insects are dirt, stale food, or stuffiness in the house – for instance, larder beetles, roly-poly bugs, and ants.

Springtails, on the other hand, are attracted when your area has had a long streak of heavy rainfall.. These are typical weather conditions; hence, you are likely to have them at any time.

Springtails prefer places with high humidity, moisture, and dampness as they can breed in considerable numbers in a short time. So, the cold and wet areas would be the first place to check if you want to get rid of them.

Are they harmful?

Oh yeah.

No insect brings good tidings to your home. If not taken care of early enough, they’ll even cause diseases.

As much as springtails won’t cause the above effects, they are still a nuisance and will take away the peace and comfort from your home.

Whenever they find a breeding place that can sustain their growth, it won’t take a long time before they grow into their thousands of numbers.

How to kill Springtails?

Let’s face it – if you’ve had these insects on your home, I bet you know how a great deal it is to fight them.

It’s a game of numbers, if you opt to “DIY” ways of management, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. You’ll have to up your game.

Our number one piece of advice is to look for trusted pest professionals that have been in the industry for quite some time.

Once they have done proper inspections to confirm that they are springtails, they’ll come up with integrated programs for preventing these “culprits” from growing into a bigger swarm, and hopefully, their end.


1. Fungus and Molds

You are in greater danger if your homestead offers an excellent platform for their growth. To add salt to the injury, when your house is surrounded by what they eat.

These would be fungus and molds. Getting rid of these plants would be dealing with the leading cause and not the symptom.

Also, if you remove molds and fungus, you will not be keeping springtails away alone. These flowerless plants are excellent attractions of fungus gnats which have loads of downsides.

2. Avoid Darkness

Flies like moth and pterygote have positive phototaxis hence are attracted by light. That’s why you’ll find a vast number of moths around streetlights when it has rained heavily.

Springtails, on the other hand, have negative phototaxis hence cannot withstand brighter lights.

A good weapon against them would be more sources of lights in your home. You can replace the lesser lighting bulbs with lighter ones. Lamps and fixtures also provide enough light to keep them away.

3. Soap and Water

Soap and water are all-time household items for cleaning. According to this article, there are over twenty new uses of soap that are not known to many. Another addition to the list will be getting rid of springtails.

If you are unlucky to have them on your kitchen or bathroom, you can opt for this method. The bubbly water solution will drown them. Besides, the solution also has a burning effect on the bodies.

Besides, water is an excellent cleaning agent hence you will not get any other insects looming near your house because of the dirt.

4. Proper Ventilation

Since springtails are brought by humidity, dehumidifying the home will be a significant milestone on your quest to finish them.

It’s advisable to use a suitable insulation method for perfect airflow and freshness in the house. Proper circulation of air also prevents them from thriving. Ensure that the roofing is keen to avoid water from dripping inside the house.

5. The Vinegar Treatment

Springtails are enemies with anything that is acid-related. That’s why vinegar is useful when you want to get rid of them swiftly.

You can put the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it against the springtails. They’ll either die or leap away since they can’t stand the acid in the vinegar.


The Bottom Line

By now, you are probably sick of these insects and will try all the above methods, and they will help you a great deal.

However, there is a bit of better advice, which will not only help you get rid of springtails but also take care of other potential insects that might invade your house.

It would be the perfect time to contact Environmental Pest Management for a well-done job. All in all, you will be free from these little monsters and return comfort to your house.

14 Replies to “Springtails: Tiny Bugs that Scare People and are Tough to Control”

      1. Can you suggest an exterminator in Sarasota, Florida? We have had what we believe to be springtails mites and /demo d’ex? For twelve years or more. Only my wife, who is 85 yrs, old , on kidney disease dialysis seems to be affected. They burrow under her skin, itch terribly and bite like a bee sting. Thank you for your help

    1. That’s not a spring tail then lol. Spring tails are harmless. Notice how this article doesn’t even say how they are bad for humans (because there’re not) classic uninformed company.

  1. Reading though this as an entomologist just leaves with a sore neck from all the head shaking I had to do. Fair enough to offer pest control for springtails, if people want to get rid of them for whatever unnecessary reason. But this entire post is just ridiculous. I don’t know where to start but absolute highlight is: “no insect brings good things to your home” – WRONG. “Here is a list with diseases caused by insects” – this list is correct but that has NOTHING to do with springtails what so ever… “lol yeah non of these things are actually caused by springtails” – look, they say it themselves wtf.. whats the point then?

    Guys, springtails are fine little critters that keep soil in your pot plants from moulding, thats all. Some people get them intentionally for that reason. If you are annoyed of them and want them gone, ok thats fine but do not think that they cause anything harmful to you or your home.

    1. Could you please help me with info? We’ve been dealing with these nuisances for YEARS. Can you tell me if LIGHT attracts them ? I read another article that said they will COME OUT MORE if lights are always on. My husband is putting down poison as I type. The postman left 2 very small boxes on our step by front door yesterday. It was raining all day & when I saw the boxes I quickly brought them in. I opened with a knife and the box was FILLED WITH HUNDREDS. So did the other box. I have PTSD from an infestation that we got in a rental house years ago.( the sumppump had stopped working and a nest was found, I moved out till we bought our house) So when I see these bugs, my heart flips out. I realize they don’t bite but I don’t want anyone visiting me while this is going on. I’m sorry for rambling. Thank you in advance.

  2. LAN I hope that you get an answering regarding getting them off the skin. They have taken over my moms body. We need help.

  3. You may sayers are missing the point. If it is not springtails –then what is causing the sores on my scalp and back? Doctors do no know and I have tried nearly everything ever mentioned to cure. And yes I do have definitely collembola in my sheets and bathtub! I collect them with clear scotch tape and view them with microscope. Vinegar inflames the sores. If not springtails–then what? And more importantly–how to cure this problem skin?

  4. I’ve had morgellons for 10+ yrs. I’m attempting to identify what is embedded/absorbed/? Within my skin.the reason id consider springtime is because of other research suggesting it. My thoughts are that certain bugs,parasites, worms,etc, that normally don’t bother humans or pets may do so now because their environment/food, has changed due to GMOs. And or chemicals and other toxins all around us. Id like to describe something and of u can identify what may be causing it ,id love you forever, and greatly appreciate it.
    My skin- when Its hot ooverheat it feels like something is crawling on me and in my skin.like something is swimming and my skin is the lake. Really difficult to describe. Close inspection shows nothing .except from yrs of this I learned to look with different eyes.so to speak..tiny brown or black things the size of a freckle. If I press my skin in the right spot they pop out.i also find them in my carpet.

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